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Roof Cleaning

Why Get Your Roof Cleaned Today Roofing is an extremely important part of any building and although roofs are built to last for decades, ensuring proper maintenance is a task homeowners must not take for granted. A well-maintained roof lasts longer and it keeps the market value of a house or a building at its prime. Believe it or not, a clean roof also improves energy efficiency and of course, makes your home look more aesthetically pleasing. These are just some of the reasons why you should have your roof cleaned today.Advantages of a Clean Roof Roof problems may occur the older a house or a building gets. Factors that cause roof damage include weather conditions, moisture, algae, fungus, moss, and so on. If regular cleaning and maintenance is neglected, the problem may become major and cost you a lot more than you would have spent hiring roof cleaning services or if you took the time to clean your roof yourself. Having to replace roof shingles, or worse, your entire roof is a serious expenditure. Occasionally inspecting your roof to determine problems and initiate repairs before the worst happens saves you time and money.High moisture levels brought about by frequent rains can cause moss to accumulate on the roof and block your gutters. Roof algae, like moss, also causes roof discoloration. Algae spores are carried by the wind and settles on a great number of roofs especially around humid environments. Enlist the help of professional roof cleaners to look into the condition of your roof as soon as possible. A clean roof is pleasing to the eye and if you might come to a point of having to sell property, the house gets higher valuation if the roof looks sturdy and well-maintained.Different Methods for Different Roofs Roofs come in various types of materials depending on the homeowner, the builder, or the community in which the house was built. Cleaning solutions and tools used may differ according to the type of roof and the kind of infestation found. Power washing is a common method applied when cleaning most types of roofing. Power Washing is also damaging to certain types of roofs, as is "Low Pressure Air Cleaning".We use Nylon bristled brushes, and zinc mono hydrate to remove the moss for most style roofs. Cleaning solutions vary from chlorine bleach and sodium hydroxide to commercial tile cleaners to pure lemon juice and salt solutions (for copper roofs). Remember to put protective cover over shrubberies and landscaping before cleaning the roof because some solutions may be toxic. Measure and use cleaning solutions with care so as not to worsen roof damage.

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