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Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Narrowspros is a professional roof cleaning company here in Gig Harbor, WA. Providing reliable services in Bremerton, Gig Harbor, Tacoma and anything in between. Our services include roof cleaning, roof maintenance, gutter cleaning, and moss control. All visits include an overall inspection of your roofing area as well as expert advice for all types of roofs and roofing issues. Big job or small, steep roof or flat- hundreds of residential and commercial customers trust our expertise when it comes to roofing concerns. DON'T LET MOSS DAMAGE YOUR ROOF! Any accumulation of fungus, moss, mold or mildew on a roof surface poses potential health issues as well as the potential for expensive structural repairs at a later date. Contact Narrowspros professionals at the first sign of green, black or brown discoloration to prevent costs or dangers before they became a significant problem. We will clean the roof of all debris including moss, twigs and leaves scattered over the roofs surface, in the valleys, gutters and downspouts. We will treat or remove mold and moss by performing a thorough cleaning with the appropriate chemical treatment. The "new" look can be restored to your roof without damage by using our non-pressure "Treat and Sweep" roof cleaning method-- Roof cleaning that is safe for your roof.Our techniques are totally effective in removing moss, mildew and fungus on roof surfaces for cleaning and maintenance of concrete tile roofs, and asphalt shingle roof surfaces. When you have a clean roof surface, it will last longer and shed water more effectively for years to come. Narrowspros is committed to treating your roof as if its our own, a professional relationship with customers and a long term commitment to your roofing needs. All Narrowspros employees are well trained in roofing methods, materials, and applications. We also can provide verifiable references to assure customers are satisfied with the quality of our service and professionalism. Our estimates are always reasonable, and we offer written guarantees. Call us today 253-314-6460 and get your FREE estimate or fill out our online request form and remember a roof is only as good as you take care of it. With Narrowspros you can trust us for all your roofing needs!

Gutter Cleaning

Depending on the home its recommended to clean your gutters at least once per year. We typically clean the inside, clean the outside, spray out the gutters, flush all downspouts so that everything is working properly, and then clean up any mess made. Ever thought about Gutter Protection? Check out our Gutter Guard page and request a free estimate.

Moss Control

Depending on what we are treating we typically use a magnesium zinc sulfate powder, and a spray on technology in other cases. We always have a time sensitive guarantee. Ask for details.

Please call/text 253-314-6460

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